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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is made to inform the customers of  SindhiMarriage.in to know following things.

1. SindhiMarriage.in is the platform of marriage in which we provide the service of connecting the brides with grooms. In order to provide the service we need some information of our users like name, age, gender, family details, contact information, etc to connect with their marriage partner.

2. In order to help you get the best person in life we match your requirement with the other opposite gender user to help you and provide you the better partner for your life.

3. We collect the data to provide the customer support, manage your account, communicate with users to help them with matches and promotional offers of services which we offer.

4. Privacy Policies are made for the users to know how we work and for any changes on policies we send email to our users for any change in policies or any update.

5. We use third party software, storing devices, security systems to keep the data safe for use. For particular users they can use the "privacy settings" in their account to hide or share information on their profile according to their requirement.

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